We are a shop in southern california, dedicated to the sale of products for the home as beautiful and elegant comforts, blankets, sheets, rugs, curtains, ceramics, towels, so too as elegant bath sets. All our products are available at wholesale and retail.

Free Shipping!


Drop Shipping

Yes we drop ship! For more information please email us! we will explain how our drop shipping system works:) any body can do it. 




We made it easy for you! The prices you see on the wholesale pricing is the price landed to your door!  No headaches to deal with!  Let us deal with that!


 You don't like that? Your more old fashion?  You would like to know the price FOB Los Angeles and you would like to deal with the shipping yourself?  It's ok we understand...just make your order on Microsoft Office Excel.  Write down the product name , size , color , quantity , etc for the order and email it to us.  We will send an email back to you with the prices on each item. Please don't forget to provide your company name and contact information. And remember the bigger the quantity the bigger the discount!


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